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What is Nazarene Missions International (NMI)?

NMI is the global missions advocate in every local church.  The mission of NMI is to mobilize the church in mission through praying, discipling, giving, and educating.  NMI aims to engage every member of the Church of the Nazarene in the work of missions.

NMI helps produce missionaries.
NMI assists in sending missionaries to the field.
NMI supports missionaries on the field.
NMI educates individuals and congregations as to the missionaries' work on the field.
NMI welcomes and hostsmissionaries when they return for home assignment.
NMI helps equip missionaries to return to the field.
NMI prays for missionaries at home and abroad.
NMI helps provide for retirement needs.

To learn more about NMI, please click here.

We also invite you to sign up for NMI Central, which is a weekly email publication focusing on the work of the Church of the Nazarene.  Every week prayer needs and praise reports for the global ministries of the Church of the Nazarene and our missionaries will be listed as well as ways you can get involved.  It is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. 

Area of Impact

Nazarene Missions International focuses on five strategic areas where the local church can have maximum impact on missions in the Church of the Nazarene.

The first is Prayer.  NMI gathers believers together for prayer in the local church, linking us to our brothers and sisters in the Christ across the globe. Remember your missionaries throughout the year in prayer.  Many are often facing troubled times in the places in which they serve.  They seek to be peacemakers and agents of transformation.  They need your support through intercession.  Click here to view all of our missionary profile pages. 

The second is World Evangelism Fund, which fuels the Church of the Nazarene's mission by combining gifts from each person and church to fund ministries everywhere. Every church is asked to share a portion of its total income for the purpose of making Christlike disciples in the nations.  When you give, the money comes to the General Treasurer's Office, where the funds are distributed to six world regions, missionaries, and ministries around the globe.  The World Evangelism Fund not only provides ministries on the ground with the monies they need, but the money is used to ensure that legal, federal, and support needs are met so that ministries are as safe as possible and can be sustained for years to come.

Through the Alabaster Offering, the third emphasis, ministries around the world receive funds to purchase property and buildings. Alabaster is a special offering collected twice each year - in February and September - during morning worship services.  100% of the offering is used to provide funds for property and buildings around the world.  Many save up their change (but people can also write checks!) to donate on these special Sundays.  Learn more about Alabaster and review resources to share with your church in Sunday services, via social media, and in other ways.

The fourth is to Engage Children and Youth through education and fostering calls to missions.  NMI encourages every church, every district to be intentional and encourage and engage every child, every youth in the mission og God in your community and around the world.  NMI continues to encourage churches to involve children and youth in all missions endeavors and to nurture them as they seek to respond to God's call.  We encourage collaboration with Nazarene Youth International and Nazarene Discipleship International to best engage all ages of the church.  We believe nurturing and leadership development is best done in the local church and individualized to the needs of each person. 

Care & Connection is the last area of emphasis, which strategically connects Nazarene missionaries and Nazarene churches through prayer, personal contact, and generous giving. a LINKS relationship cultivates a sense of involvement with Nazarene Missions through regular correspondence to and from missionaries, updates from their field of service, and presentations by LINK missionaries when they are on home assignment.  Your prayers, letters, gifts, and connection to our district-assigned missionaries will make a huge different in encouraging them and the people they are reaching in the mission field!  We are assigned district LINKS missionaries for a year.  This year's missionares are as noted blow.

  • Scott & Emily Armstrong - global missionaries and ordained elders in the Church of the Nazarene.  They have been ministering in the Mesoamerica Region since January 2004 and have lived in the countries of Buatemala, Costa Rica and Panama.  Currently living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republis, Scott and Emily are coordinating the ministries of Missions Mobilization Mesoamerica and Mesoamerica Genesis.  They especially enjoy ministering with children, youth and young adults as they discern God's call to mission in their lives.  See their full profile.
  • Evans and Njeri Katange - missionaries with the Church of the Nazarene presently serving alongside Africa West Field (AWF) Nazarenes.  They were appointed to Ghna in 2016 where they currently live and are blessed with two daughters Panashe Joanna and Ruvarashe Phoebe, and on son, Tinashe.  They share a passion for equipping saints with tools for the advancement of God's kingdom and are actively involved in mentoring and training young Nazarenes.  They are currently supporting the church in Ghana through preaching, teaching and training church leaders for their effective service.  See their full profile.

Work & Witness Trips

We are plannning a Work & Witness trip to the Philippines in 2026. Details are forthcoming.

Is your church planning W&W trip or are you interested in being part of one?  Contact Donabel Martin at

Children's Mission Project

We are in year 2 of our WaPac Children's Project - Hope for Malawi, Africa!

We are working to raise $15,000 over this two-year project to meet three big needs in four communities in Malawi that will serve 100 families.

  1. Food for the Hungry:  Funds will help purchase tomoato, cabbage, onion and maize seeds.  We need 256 packets, which cost $6.25 each.  These seeds will help ensure kids and their families have some food staples to address hunger.
  2. Solar Panels:  Four solar panels are needed to help with growing key crops.  They cost $2,250 each.
  3. Animals for Food and Sustainability:  Goats and pigs provide much needed sustenance for families.  Goats cots $22 each and pigs cost $25 each. We are hoping to buy 72 goats and 40 pigs.

With great support from our kids and churches, we have raised $7,145 in our first year.  Can you help us meet our goal?

Ways to help engage kids in this missions project:

  • Share in Sunday School about this need and collect offerings.
  • Make a VBS fund-raising competition (boys vs. girls, by grade, etc.)
  • Use the months with 5 Sundays (June, September and December 2024!) to have Children's Church time and share about Malawi, related stories, and how kids (and their families) can help.
  • Create a missions board where kids can see your church's progress
  • Send home a flyer with kids, along with a jar for them to collect loose change.

Do you have other creative ideas?  Share them with us on our Facebook page. 

Send project money to:
WaPac District Office (2646 RW Johnson Blvd. SW, #108, Tumwater, WA 98512)

Missionaries at WAPAC Churches (Deputation)

If you would like to schedule the missionaries to speak in your church on one of the OPEN dates, please contact Fred Humber at

Missionary Deputation Services for 2024

  • May 26-June 8:  David & Rhonda Ackerman, serving as global missionaries - APNTS Asia-Pacific
  • June 30-July 10: Randy & Joani Goosens, serving as global missionaries - Philippines Asia-Pacific
  • August 11-18: Russ & Carla Fraiser, serving as global missionaries - Africa Nazarene University in Nairobi, Kenya
  • October 20-27: Barbara & Anthony Manswell, serving as global missionaries - Caribbean Nazarene College - Trinidad

Indea for Hosting Deputation at Your Church

Enumclaw Nazarene  Church (ENC) is a small, but mighty congregation when it comes to missions.  Often missionary availability on Sundays is limited and usually best suited to larger churches, so ENC has found a great approach to support missions.  With a predominantly senior populations, missions lunch=and-learns are a great way to ensure congregational support.

ENC's local NMI council upts on a simple lunch of soup, bread and dessert over the noon hour.  Not only are these lunches ideal for seniors, but those who work often can also join the lunch-time meetings.  Missionaries eat with congregants and then give their presentation.  Through this simple approach, ENC has been able to raise generous deputation funds for missionaries.

In the summer, the approach can be changed to have an early evening barbecue and other small churches invited to attend.








DAVE & Marybeth Giles

July 1-31, 2019

July 1-2 - OPEN

July 3 - Grays Harbor Alive

7/4-7/6 - OPEN

7/7 - Yelm

7/8 - OPEN

7/9 - North Seattle Mandarin

7/10 - 7/13 - OPEN

7/14 - Auburn

7/15 - Enumclaw

7/16 - 7/20 - OPEN

7/21 - Camas

7/22-7/27 - OPEN

7/28 - Shelton

7/29-7/30 - OPEN

7/31 - Shelton

Josh & Shannon Herndon, Romania

June 30-July 13, 2019

June 30 - Key Peninsula Key to Life

7/1 - OPEN

7/2 - Auburn

7/3 - Kent Hillside Heritage Service, noon

7/4 - 7/6 - OPEN

7/7 - AM: Centralia

7/7 - PM: Vancouver Safe Harbor


Jay & Teanna Sunberg, Budapest, Hungary

August 1-8, 2019

8/1-8/3 - OPEN

8/4 - AM: Marysville Generations Community

8/4 - PM: Lakewood New Hope

8/5-8/6 - OPEN

8/7 - Grays Harbor Alive

8/8 - OPEN

Jeff & Kelsey, Creative Access

August 3 - 11, 2019

8/3 - OPEN

8/4 - Port Angeles

8/5 - Forks

8/6 - OPEN

8/7 - Peninsula

8/8-8/10 - OPEN

8/11 - AM:  Tacoma First

8/11 - PM:  Raymond