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NDI Chair:
Justin Barksdale (

Quiz Director:
Wendy Johnson (

Assistant Quiz Director:
Jayme Lenker (

Children's Ministry Director:

Kelly Bogart (

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Asha Fuller (

Ben George (

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Discipleship is at the heart of congregational life in the church. It was Jesus who said, “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19).  Those words of Jesus provide the goal of and passion for Nazarene Discipleship International (NDI). While the methods may change, the objective is always the same – making Christlike disciples.

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The USA/Canada Region Church of the Nazarene provides resources  for those serving in Children's Ministry.  For information on Children's Bible Quizzing, Vacation Bible School, Caravans, NazareneSafe and other resources to equip your team, please click here.


Children's Quizzing

Quiz Director:  Wendy Johnson (
Assistant Quiz Director:  Jayme Lenker (

Through inductive Bible study and fun activities, Dr. Digalot and Canteen "time warp" back to Bible times and travel with Peter, Stephen, Paul, and many other Christians who helped spread God’s Word across the world. Kids will learn about the trials and struggles these Christians went through as they shared God’s Word. They will see how the work of the early church paved the way for us to hear and follow God’s Word today.

If you know any churches around you who would like to participate in quizzing or host a meet please give them my information. Even if a church doesn’t have a team but could host a meet, we would love it!

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