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Don’t Fall for the Fool’s Choice

Race, Encouragement, Leadership

Hello friends! I'm hurting for our world right now as we collectively lament the hurt and division that is separating so many people. I want to challenge you not to be baited into thinking this is an either/or situation. When something is reduced to only two positions it's called a 'fool's choice.' You don't have to choose between saying Black Lives Matter and supporting those who serve in law enforcement. You can actually do both. Choosing one or the other only breeds more division and anger, and is not likely to bring parties together for effective dialog. Be an agent of reconciliation. Be someone who does the hard work of sitting with the pain and suffering of our black brothers and sisters. Be one who stands with those who have taken an oath to serve and protect you. Be someone who is willing to wrestle with the hard stuff in life and look for solutions. I'd invite you to take a listen...