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Systemic Change Begins with You

Race, Leadership

Hello friends! How are you doing? If you read or listen to any kind of media these days, you'll likely hear the call for 'systemic change.' And most thoughtful people would agree there is much work to be done in our society. But how do you change the system? Well, I think it starts at a very personal level. It starts with you and I committing to personal responsibility and accountability. It begins when each of us treat the people around us with the dignity, respect and love they deserve. The other thing you're likely to notice is how people are directing their anger, not always at the issue at hand, but at each other for how each of us chooses to respond. Whether you're the silent or vocal type...let's not take offense where offense shouldn't be taken. Let's work together for justice, for love and for peace. Hopefully this video articulates my thoughts in a helpful way for you.