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If you are loveless, you will be sightless

Prayer, Race, Mission

Hello friends. In this little window to make a post, Facebook asks, "What's on your mind?" Well, that's a loaded question, and I imagine you could answer in lots of ways right now. This week the murder of George Floyd has been heavy on my mind. As I have been grieving and lamenting this tragedy and the repeated nature of these things in our country, it occurred to me that when we are loveless, we are sightless, in ways that blur our vision of people as image-bearers of God. While I was contemplating all of this, the Lord called out some of my own blindness, ouch. But at the same time, he also gently reminded me that he came to give sight to the blind. I know this video is a bit longer than my usual devotional thoughts, but if you have 10 minutes, I hope you'll take a listen, perhaps it will help you. I love ya, and I'm praying for you.