April 19-20, 2020

ALL SESSIONS WILL BE HELD ONLINE - information will be coming soon on how you can access the live streaming.

Live Stream Services



Delegate Handbook
Download Coming Soon
Delegate Handbook will be available for download no later than April 10th


Lead Pastor & Church Office Reports

Due March 9th
Lead Pastor's Report
Online Annual Pastor's Report
Due March 17th
Church Directory Form
Delegates Certification of Election
Memorial Roll
Local NMI President Report
Request for Continuing Staff


Credentialed Minister's Reports

The following reports are only to be filled out by credentialed ministers WHO ARE NOT CURRENTLY SERVING AS A LEAD PASTOR on our district.
Due March 9th
Annual Report for Ordained
or District Licensed Ministers

Annual Report for Retired Ministers


Sunday, April 19th

6:00 PM – Opening Service

District Superintendent Jerry Kester, speaker


Monday, April 20th


9AM - 4PM

Online streaming only

Watch here for instructions.

Tuesday, April 21st

No sessions or services on Tuesday.